#TeaTuesday: How to make cold brew tea! [video]

Happy #TeaTuesday! Hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend. While you were hiking, roadtripping, and BBQ’ing, we created a simple cold-brew recipe for you. Sip some cold and refreshing tea with your friends in the hot summer sun! Learn how in our 1.5-minute long video below and let us know what you think!



Compared to hot brews, cold brews extract a different chemical balance from the tea leaves and eliminate the risk of burning or over-steeping the tea leaves, which makes tea bitter. Cold brews are super easy to make and allow you to get creative: add fresh fruits and mint to your cold brews to give them the all-natural flavor you’re looking for!

To replicate our recipe, grab a pouch of Hibiscus Orange Nectar or Jasmine Pearls today, and celebrate the summer with some delicious cold brews.







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Happy sipping!


Rosa Li

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