#TeaTuesday: Tea Cocktail Recipes [Videos]

How do you like your summer cocktails? We put a simple twist to some of our old favorites. Here’s how to spike your cocktail with our exotic teas. Bring some elegance to your affair and dazzle your guests with these unique creations. Happy #TeaTuesday!

Sticky Rice Pu-erh Old Fashioned

The Sticky Rice Pu-erh blends well with the whiskey because they both have earthy and complex flavors that accent each other. One piece of our sticky-rice pu-erh can brew a whole pot of tea and lends a sweet and toasty taste to the Old Fashioned.

Moscow Mule with Golden Monkey Black Tea

The pepper and toasty notes of the Golden Monkey Black Tea are complemented by the ginger beer and create a spicy yet sweet and delicious drink that we all loved!

Mint Mojito with Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Pearls are green tea hand-rolled into ball shape with jasmine flowers. This tea has a strong floral aroma, and is complemented by the mint and lime we muddled into the Mint Mojito. This cocktail is light and refreshing!

Happy sipping...and drink responsibly!

Rosa Li


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