#TeaTuesday: Tea Pairings at the Farmers Market 5/24

Hey guys! I’m excited to share that we’re launching our blog and inaugural video on this special #TeaTuesday. My business partner and fellow tea lover Shiao-Ying and I met some amazing farmers at the Fremont Farmer’s Market in San Francisco yesterday, and we created an impromptu tea party in the middle of the market in less than 5 mins.

Tea parties are easy and fun, and can be enjoyed for all occasions! Want to know how to pair tea with the fresh produce at your local farmer’s market? Check us out in this short video.



Similar to wine, there’s a tea to go with every type of food. The idea behind tea pairing is to have the food and tea enhance each other’s flavor, so you appreciate the different layers of aroma and flavor in both.

A more delicate tea such as the Milk Oolong (without milk!) that we featured in the video, pairs well with lighter foods like white fish, fruit salad, or buttery pastries. My buttery chocolate croissant highlighted the floral and creamy notes of the tea.

A stronger tea such as the Pu-erh in our video pairs particularly well with something savory and hearty due to its sweet and earthy flavors. We paired it with fresh empanadas from the market, but I love to sip it over dim sum as well! As a bonus, Pu-erh is known for improving digestion and speeding up your metabolism.

We also paired our two cold brewed teas: Hibiscus Orange Nectar with cupcakes as the tartness contrasts well with sweets, and Jasmine Pearls was paired with strawberries and cherries because floral notes from the tea complement the sweet and juicy fruits.



Our impromptu tea spread at the farmer’s market

Rosa’s favorite pairing: Milk Oolong with chocolate scones or croissants, delicious and comforting for Breakfast or Tea-Time! The chocolate goes particularly well with the creamy quality to the Milk Oolong. 

Shiao-Ying’s favorite pairing: Jasmine Pearls cold brew with seasonal strawberries and cherries. The refreshing floral tea balances perfectly with the fresh sweet fruits. The cold brew method of preparing tea is just perfect for warm (and sometimes lazy) days in late spring and summer!

If you want to go fancy, check out the tea pairings at these amazing restaurants:

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Stay tuned for our next video as we continue our tea adventure. Follow us @rosalitea!  

Happy sipping!

Rosa Li

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