"Our service condenses the vast world of teas into an easily attainable experience"

THE BEGINNING | Rosali Tea begins with a journey. As a life-long tea enthusiast, committed explorer, and food fanatic I set off to satisfy my desire to taste the world. Through a range of cultures, I enjoyed cup after cup of tea. I witnessed world class artisans create a perfectly brewed cup and learned at their hands. Through the exciting chaos of travel and the influx of information I was gathering, each cup of tea became its own moment of stillness that stayed with me beyond the last sip.

Upon my return, I sought out the comfort of that perfect cup only to be welcomed by the disappointing selection at my local grocery store. The gentle blossom of whole leaf tea was replaced by boxed, bleached bags, containing bland flecks. The life, aroma, and beauty had been removed from the brew, convenience outweighed the complexity of flavor.

Rosali Tea ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice the complex beauty of whole-leaf tea for convenience. Our service condenses the vast world of teas into an easily attainable experience, with a focus on quality, convenience, and discovery. Enriched by the relationships I cultivated on my travels, I envisioned a new way to bring the true experience of tea to tea lovers and novices alike. Working with farmers and merchants who have dealt in tea for generations, we are able to bring only the finest in teas and botanicals from across the world, creating the most evocative, nuanced, and complex of tastes.

OUR GIFT BOXES | A portal to faraway places and times, our gift boxes deliver hand-selected blends from around the world. Each mouthful whisks you away on carefully layered blends to exotic places. Each box gives you the excitement of uncovering different cultures and flavors as you drink in the history of another people. Tea aficionados and amateurs will both experience the delicacies of tea and the attention to detail Rosali Tea takes in considering the source, processing, and blend.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves. A carefully crafted cup of tea can energize the mind, detoxify the body, and calm both for a balanced being, while employing thousands of years of practice and more affordable means than any alternative. Our teas contain a myriad of health benefits and take a holistic approach to your daily needs.

Every life deserves a little luxury. We want to share the simple extravagance of curling up with a steaming cup of tea so everyone can enjoy a cup more than half full.

Chinese Mystic,Tang Dynasty

The first bowl moistens my lips and throat;
The second bowl breaks my loneliness;
The third bowl searches my barren entrails but to find
Therein some five thousand scrolls;
The fourth bowl raises a slight perspiration
And all life’s inequities pass out through my pores;
The fifth bowl purifies my flesh and bones;
The sixth bowl calls me to the immortals;
The seventh bowl could not be drunk,
Only the breath of the cool wind raises in my sleeves.

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